Laser Hair Removal


Unwanted body hair can be frustrating and can make anyone feel self-conscious, men and women alike. For a permanent or long lasting body hair removal solution, choose us. All laser hair removal is performed at a Licensed Medical Doctors office just a few minutes away from the studio. This is done for medical, professional, and sanitary reasons. Our clients' health is our number one concern. Treatments are sold in packages of 6, can take 8-12 treatments for more dense hair growth. Each treatment is done 4-6 weeks apart for maximal results. Before initial or each treatment, shave the areas to be treated as much as you want. If you just waxed the area please wait 6 weeks before your treatment to be sure the hairs growth cycle is at a suitable length. Please callor text 313-886-7627 to schedule your consultantion or first appointment.